© Krysium 2010.  Company Reg.No. 04781505   Made with Xara Easy-to-use on the Farm or in the Lab For Diagnostic and Treatment Decisions For Quality Control Checking KRYSIUM TECHNOLOGIES LTD Quick Milk Quality Test and Udder Check You are already aware and concerned about unusual somatic cell count levels in your dairy herd.  This may be related to calving patterns or to disease-affected cows requiring or undergoing treatment.  In such cases you need to have accurate indicative results truly rapidly to properly evaluate the progress of cell counts in individual cows.  LacDetect™ is a handy, inexpensive time-saving tool so you can carry out continuous monitoring in less than a minute per sample to decide further steps, without waiting for counts to climb to higher levels to be measured accurately. LacDetect™ is a durable, sensitive instrument-based system that in less than a minute can provide the user with indicative qualitative and quantitative cell count levels in raw milk.  Combining a low cost instrument with handy single-use dipsticks, enables both practitioners and dairy farmers to get on-the-spot results easily and economically. At some point you might be suspicious about the udder health of a cow.  With experience you recognise some change in the texture of the udder or some sign of discomfort, and you want to have a quick indication of somatic cell count in mixed four-quarter milk or from individual quarters.  LacDetect™ helps you make more immediate decisions concerning further investigation and possible treatment. From time to time raw milk quality from the dairy farm may not meet cell count levels required for accepted delivery standards.  This can be unexpected and cause loss of bonuses, lower payments or even penalties.  LacDetect™  provides you with an economic and easy-to-use means of identifying problems before they become significant financial issues.