© Krysium 2010.  Company Reg.No. 04781505   Made with Xara Early-Stage Food Production Disease Detection Animal Health Screening Environmental Contamination Monitoring _____________________ Technical products for worldwide markets User-friendly, cost-effective and easily administered consumables for use with hand- held, straightforward instruments Truly rapid economic detection for non-technical users Additional animal healthcare / environmental application products, both hand-held  and in-line KRYSIUM’S LacDetect consists of an internationally patented test system combining a reliable, easy-to-use consumable test with a durable, hand-held instrument designed for field use as well as in the laboratory.  It is very economic, has a useful range of sensitivity and is adaptable for a variety of applications.  In-line and other testing applications are in development.   Commercial Partners being sought for production and sales and for further applications. KRYSIUM TECHNOLOGIES LTD Specialist development of solutions in Biological and Contamination Detection